Master Influencer Video Marketing in 5 Simple Steps!

in this video you will learn everything you need to know about getting a successful influence of video marketing campaign up and running welcome i'm nina here at spiel we like nothing more than researching all of the best video marketing strategies out there and have been doing so for a few years now so you can trust me when I say that currently there's no strategy getting us quite as excited as influence of video marketing so stick with me to find out why and while you're here I'll teach you all about the five-step process that we've discovered works best for our influence of video campaigns before we begin make sure you subscribe to this channel so you can get notified every time we post one of these videos and let me know in the comments with a yes or no if you think influencer of video marketing is right for your business after watching if you have any further questions about influence of video marketing don't hesitate to ask I'll be checking the comments regularly and I'm more than happy to help influence of video marketing is when you collaborate with people who've influence over your customers to help promote whatever it is you've got going on and nowadays anyone can do it without having to break the bank by hiring a massive celebrity in fact studies show people trust niche influences way more when done right influence of video marketing should achieve 3 things 1 give you validity and make you trustworthy to boost your reach awareness and sales and 3 establish your brand as one of if not the best in your industry niche now here are those 5 simple steps to help you get started step 1 preparation is key firstly to know what kind of influencer strategy will work best for you you should set your goals define exactly what you want your campaign to achieve and make it measurable let's say you sell travel luggage a reasonable goal could be increase my social media following by 30% or improve my conversion rate by 10% know your audience get to know your audience better through research where do they seek out most of their video content what type of content is most likely to engage them and what type of influencer is most likely to resonate with them a great way to find objective answers to these questions is through surveys survey monkey and koala Roo are just two of the excellent tools out there that allow you to survey both existing customers and your live website traffic your travel luggage research might reveal a number of hugely popular travel vloggers for example and set your budget decide how much you want to invest in the campaign I recommend basing this decision on the return on investment you expect your campaign to deliver for example if your influencer campaign goal is to increase your sales revenue by $100,000 this year then allocating a budget of ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars towards it may be reasonable for you but it all depends on what net profit and extra hundred thousand dollars in sales would generate for you also if you're just starting out in influencer marketing I'd strongly suggest spreading your budget across multiple influences and testing which works best first rather than putting all your eggs in one basket now you're ready to move on to the solution that will help you achieve it step 2 targeting your research given what I've outlined in step 1 you can now better pinpoint what type of influencer and on which platforms you should be targeting there are four main influencer categories to choose from the first are renowned influencers these are people with an enormous following they are promotional machines and require a substantial investment secondly there is Authority influences these people don't necessarily see themselves as influences but that's naturally what they've become thanks to their niche industry expertise they publish because it's relevant and important to their industry and not for followers and celebrity thirdly micro influences micro influences have relatively small audiences compared with renowned ones roughly anywhere from ten thousand to a hundred thousand but these audiences fall into very specific brackets if your company also happens to fall into the same bracket targeting them can be a great affordable way of communicating directly with your base and last but not least their secondary influences nothing goes viral without these nothing they're the people who share the content influencers post studies have shown that videos with a strong secondary wave are far more likely to succeed so look at potential influences audiences to see how they interact with their videos a great way to encourage a secondary wave is to create a space for people to comment and discuss your videos the big questions you need to ask yourself in step two are what influencer type does your budget allow for maybe you find that realistically you can only approach micro influences what influencer types audience best matches yours in terms of interests and demographics in our example maybe female travel influencers on Facebook are your best match what influences are producing video content that your audience would trust and would hold their attention perhaps they like funny people with big personalities best or maybe it's experts in your industry niche now all you have to do is find them step 3 where's influencer Wally one way of finding your influences is to simply do some research on your chosen platform a quick search on google or Facebook for female travel vlogger might bring up some viable options that you can run with or alternatively there are some really great tools out there to help you find and manage your influences here are my three favorites one influence Co a platform to help you grow your business through influencer marketing with 75,000 niche influences to choose from you can use it to search influencers by category location or brands they've already worked with confidently find the right influencers using their extensive audience demographics listed next to each person advertise your campaign and let the influencers come to you too hyper the hyper platform is dedicated solely to influencer marketing with them you can search their database of over 10 million influences worldwide which they claim includes every influencer quickly contact influencers through their platform pinpoint the influencer that will work best for you with their in-depth analytics reach and engagement metrics and three cred cred is a platform that ranks hundreds of thousands of influencers based on their completely transparent cred score you can use them to discover the most effective influencers in your niche find cred scores for people in your industry who you're already in contact with build a community of influencers friends and fans to help promote your influence a campaign further so what to propose to the influencers you've found step 4 strategizing you found your influences now you can get to work on the strategies you want to approach them with some of the most common options to choose from are discount codes this is where you assign unique discount codes to your video influencers in order to attract their large audience for example you could sponsor a popular travel vlog and in return the host would include call-to-action for you in their videos something like go to travel logged org today and enter promo code world traveler for your 15% discount on all of their products brand ambassador by choosing one influencer to become the face of your brand for a period of time you can quickly draw in a large new audience for example you could employ an influencer to appear in all of your Facebook video content if they share those videos on their own Facebook page it would really help to grow your Facebook following reviews testimonials and seeding when well respected niche influencers dedicate a video to reviewing your product or service their audiences really take notice and trust what they say for instance you could send your products to a travel influencer for free and who knows they might mention you in their next viral video interviews for more corporate b2b companies expert interviews are a great way to build credibility and increase brand trust within your industry if you create marketing software for example interviewing a marketing guru with a strong online presence will cement your position in the market especially if they validate the need for your service affiliate promotion it often occurs that two b2b companies both influences in their own right use each other services being mutually beneficial this is the perfect opportunity for some free promotion if this applies to you reach out to them and make the most of the situation by appealing to each other's audiences product placement one great way to build awareness is to find an influencer associated with your particular niche or industry and have them use ware or position your product in their popular videos for instance have your travel vlogger simply where your travel products when filming so now that you know what strategies are available it's your job to select which ones are going to connect best with your audience then all you have to do is work out the specifics of your collaborations like what promo code you're going to offer or how you want your product incorporated into their videos etc but remember that in most cases especially when starting out I recommend testing different influence and marketing strategies to see which generate the best results for you and then you can build from there only then are you ready to move on to contacting your chosen influencers step 5 perfecting the pitch most influencers will of course expect monetary payment for their involvement however there are other methods of compensation all ways of supplementing cost like products giveaways give your product to the influencer in exchange for their endorsement mutual endorsements advertising influencer on your own channel sales commissions offer the influencer sales commission based on the traffic they actually bring in and affiliate promotions as mentioned in the previous step when it comes to the pitch the most important thing is to form a good relationship with the influences from the offset so tailor it to each influencer you contact influencers will instantly spot and delete one that has been copied and pasted to a whole bunch of others your emails should be earnest personal and to the point when writing your own these are my top rules when formatting the email use their name in the subject line begin with a short friendly greeting and introduce yourself and don't be a burden or waste too much of their time when it comes to tone don't treat it like a formal business deal but be clear with your intentions or they'll get suspicious and when getting down to detail tell them why you'd love to work with them but don't suck up keep your pitch under three sentences and let them know why their audience will love your product or service also don't forget to provide info samples and images of what you do as well as a link to your website and any relevant content finally be prepared for rejection have backups and politely follow-up after a few days if you don't receive a response this approach might differ slightly if you are a b2b company however b2b influences are usually experts who don't tend to go in for paid endorsements so the best thing to do is to try and get them to mention you in one of their influential videos in the marketing world Brian Dean is one of the most sought after authorities there is so as a video marketing company the best way to get him to mention us is to present ourselves as a perfect case study for his work so by letting Brian know that we followed his advice carefully and that it has had a great impact on our business you never know he might just give us a shout out in his next video including one or two easily communicable metrics helps so that's everything you need to know to get your influence of video campaign up and running thanks for watching if you've enjoyed this video make sure to like comment share and subscribe we really do appreciate it here at spiel and it inspires us to keep creating more great content for you don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any further help with your influence of video campaign you can request a free consultation on our website

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