How to Add an End Screen to YouTube Videos (2021 Tutorial)

– Adding an end card screen like this to the end of your videos will help you get more views on your other YouTube videos so in today’s video I’m gonna walk you through exactly how to do this inside of the YouTube studio. You gotta just press record. Hey guys, my name is Nolan Molt with think media, and let’s get right into this video. Now, before we jump into the YouTube studio, you really want to make sure that you have about five to ten seconds, at the end of your video to put these end cards, you know you want your videos, your subscribe button, maybe another video, and people are going to click on that. And so you can either talk during this, or you can have an end card screen as we do at think media.

nd if you’re not sure how to actually make one of those, we have a video you can click on the screen right now. There’s also a link in the description and you definitely want to check out that tutorial on how you can make an end card screen for free. Very quick, very easy. So check that out first. Now you’re wondering how to actually add these elements inside the YouTube studio, so let’s jump right into it.

So first I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to add these end screens when uploading a video. So right here inside of YouTube studio, um you start off on this details page and to get to the end cards and the end screen, what you wanna do is actually go over to video elements, you can click on this right here, or we can go to next, and if you’re monetized, you can, you know to mess with these settings, but we want to go to video elements and here is where we can add an end screen.

If you have none so far, you’re probably not going to see this button import from the video. So I’m going to go with add. Here we’re able to create our own end screen.

And so I really like this format where you have two videos, you have the subscribe button in the middle, but you can scroll down and see some of these templates. You can also just make your own by clicking on an element and adding in the video, or a subscribe button, but for this case, I am going to go ahead and add in this template, and then we’re able to still move things around, just like if we were to, you know hit element and do this, now you can see down here, we have a few things. We have a subscribe button, which is this middle one. We have a video, which is best for viewers, and we have a video for the most recent uploads. Now we can change any of these.

If we’d like, we could delete them simply by selecting them.

And I’m going to delete the most recent bit, which is this one. You can move it around, but if I just don’t want it in general, and you hit delete on the keyboard, now it’s going to get rid of it. From here I’m able to move this around, maybe I want this to be perfectly centered. I can move this one up.

And if you want to add anything else in and go back to element and let’s add in another video. So right here, you can see that there is some red overlaying because the end screen elements can not overlap. And so we want to make sure that nothing is red light, that it won’t let you save it if it is overlapped and so that is not going to work. So we’re going to move it around over here until everything is nice and neat. And you’ll know that it’s all working because you’re able to save this end screen.

If something is wrong, you’re not able to save. Make sure you move these around, make sure nothing is overlapping. A lot of people don’t know this too, but you’re actually able to add more than two videos. So If you’d like we can add another one and choose a specific video, and if we can just fit them onto the same screen without overlapping, then now we’re able to get three videos.

You can do four videos.

Four is the max of videos that you could add onto here. And then you can add a couple of subscribes buttons, and you can mess around with those settings right in here on the end screens template inside the YouTube studio. So I’ve extended each of these elements to be as long as I can, which is actually ten seconds on this video. But if you want to make them any shorter, you can drag them this way. And let’s say we want it to be about five seconds from 25 seconds to 30 seconds.

We can simply just drag these all to that five- 25-second mark, and now each of them is going to be five seconds long. We can also preview this by hitting the play button to see how it looks. All right. Now, typically you’re going to have a video here with the end screen elements, but I just uploaded a random video promoting our growth video live conference. But usually, right here, you’ll have, you know, your end screen card.

And then you’re able to put up any sort of videos that you’d like to promote here. Next up, I’m gonna show you exactly how to do this. After you’ve already uploaded your video, you can go back in and add some end cards. But first I wanted to invite you to grow with video live. If you want to have a successful YouTube channel and even make money off of your channel, then you definitely want to come to grow with video live dot com and the awesome thing is, is that it is online.

So you can join from anywhere in the world and you can get your tickets today at growing with video live dot com. So let’s say you want to add end cards to a video you’ve already upload. What you want to do is click on that video in the YouTube studio, and if we scroll down on this right-hand side, we are going to see the end screen.

So this video that I have now does not have any sort of, um, end cards, but I did leave kind of this little funny blooper at the very end. And that’s where I want my end cards to go.

And so this time I’m actually going to import this from a previous video. For me, I always use the same one. And so I can click on any of these videos cause they all have the same template. And once I select that, it’s going to put everything in place for me. All I need to do now is put it to the right timing.

So I’m going to extend this. And now this is all going to start right when it goes to black and white.

And we can double-check again by hitting the play button. And I think that looks awesome. And so you can still move these around if you’d like to show off the video a little bit more, and that’s looking really good for me.

Also over here, you can see the light gray element shows you exactly how long you can extend this, which for this video, the longest that you can do in 20 seconds.

And so I want to keep it right, here because I’m still talking in the video. Here is my end screen part, and that’s exactly how you do it when you have a video that’s already up, you still can go in and add end screens. You just want to make sure that you save this. You’re going to want to hit save.

And once it’s done loading, that’s it, you are good to go. We can go back to the video on YouTube and double-check it by watching the end of the video. And that looks perfect.

And these are clickable, so if someone wants to watch this next video, they simply just click on it, and it’s going to take them right to that video. If this video helped you out in any way, make sure to leave a like and click on the screen right now to watch another video, just like this one with some YouTube tips and tricks to help you level up I’ll see you guys in the next video

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