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Thank You For Being A LeadsLeap Pro Member

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Pro Membership. Thank you for being a LeadsLeap Pro Member

1) Set up at least 5 Pro Ads

Even though we rotate the ads based on account, i.e. each member gets the same amount of rotation, I consistently see that members with more ads get slightly more total traffic.

If you only have one website to promote, you can always set up ads with different titles and text. They will appeal to a different audience. Thank you for being a LeadsLeap Pro Member

2) Set up your Credit-Ads too

I know, you upgrade because you don’t want to view ads. But if you view ads and earn credits, you can get extra traffic via your Credit-Ads.

Credit Ads rotation is based on ads, not accounts. This means the more Credit-Ads you have, the more exposure you get. Thank you for being a LeadsLeap Pro Member

I’ve seen Pro Members with all 10 Credit-Ads set up and the amount of traffic they receive from their Credit-Ads is more than what they get from their Pro Ads.

3) Provide values in your ad

Money is an exchange of values. The more values you provide in your ad, the more conversion you are going to get.

4) Submit social reviews

Write a good social review by sharing your personal experience with a program.

The more personal experiences and insights you share, the higher your review score.

If your review gets a score of 4/5 and above, your review will be featured on our member homepage and daily emails to our members. That’s a lot of extra exposure for you.

5) Monetize from our PPC program

We share up to 30% of our earnings with Pro Members who send third-party traffic. With that kind of sharing, it’s not hard to recover the cost of your Pro Membership.

From the stats I’m seeing now, if you send about 400 third-party traffic, you may cover your Pro Membership cost. Of course, the payout varies from time to time. It also depends on the quality of the traffic.

You can monetize from our PPC program by adding LeadsLeap Widget prominently on your website and using our Link Tracker for all your promotion outside LeadsLeap.

6) Build your own list and help your list to build theirs

Use SendSteed list manager to build your own list and create your own email series to build a relationship with your list.

You can even allow your list to use your email series for their list, using ‘Share Code’. This allows you to duplicate your effort and help your subscribers to succeed.

7) Bring in referrals

You should know this already. We share 50% referral commissions with you if your referrals upgrade. Just 2 upgrades will cover your subscription fee.

These are the tips so far. I hope you enjoy being a Pro Member.

Here’s To your success,

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Free tools to grow your business Thank you for being a LeadsLeap Pro Member

Link Tracker – Track the surfing duration of your traffic and more.

SendSteed – Professional autoresponder system at zero cost!

Page Builder – Creating a landing page has never been so easy!

PopupXpert – Create unique popups and opt-in forms easily Thank you for being a LeadsLeap Pro Member

Thank You For Being A LeadsLeap Pro Member