Ultimate 23 Ways Checklist To Get More Views On Youtube

In this video, I want to share with you exactly how to get more views on YouTube fast, but I don’t want to make it a typical video that you’ve seen all the time you got to fill out your descriptions. You got to have a catchy thumbnail. No, I want to give you exactly 23 things that you can do right now to get more views on YouTube, and in fact, I’m gonna share with you exactly what I did to grow my channel from zero subscribers and not that many views at all to Over a hundred and fifty-five thousand subscribers and so many views now if you’re interested in learning that let’s get into it, I don’t want to waste any more your time. Let’S go all right numbers one through six. You’Ve probably heard them before, but I want to touch on them real, quick because they are important and number one is thumbnails.

I know I said I was going to talk about them. I’m not gonna talk a lot about them, but they are important because if you don’t get someone to look at your thumbnail and click on it, you’re not gonna get the view. That’S why it’s important right, we’re gonna leave it at that number. Two is titles: you have to have a catchy title because again if you’re not getting the click, you’re, not getting the view. So if you want more views on YouTube, you gotta, have a good thumbnail and a good title that makes sense easily enough.

Now number three: this is where you hook them. You have to have a hook in your video, so the first few seconds of the video, the first five seconds you have to say hey. This is what this video is about. What do I say in the beginning of this video in this video? I want to share with you exactly how to get more views on YouTube.

Fast, hey. I’ve got 23 ways for you to grow. Your YouTube channel views fast right, something like that. So that’s the hook now you’re like yeah. I want to do that, so you stay and watch the video.

That’S number three number four is the speed of delivery. Am I talking slow? No, I’m talking fast. I want to give you the information. I want you to stay here.

I want you to stay tuned and stay engaged. You have to have a good delivery. Speed. Okay, number five is the quality of the content has to be good. The right has to be good tips, can’t just throw up garbage you either have to be educational or entertaining a lot of you guys, think you’re entertaining but you’re, not okay, so either be educational or entertaining provide solve a solution.

If you’re not entertaining number six is a keyword, rich description, and here’s, a general rule that you can follow, make your description at least 300 words and, within those 300 words, make three of those. The actual keyword that you’re trying to target for the video and then three variations of that keyword within those 300 words. That’S just a general rule. You can try and follow. Number seven tags.

You can do something called tag hacking and you can use a service called vid IQ or two buddies, and you can spy on other people’s videos tags and take those tags and use them for your home. That’S a way to great tags for your videos. Number eight is to actually save the keyword in your video, so if you’re talking about how to get more views on YouTube, I just said it how to get more views on YouTube and you put it in your closed caption, Google’s gonna pick up on that And they’re gonna rank your video higher for that keyword, so make sure you’re saying how to get more views on YouTube. If that’s, what you’re trying to rank for which brings me to the number nine, which is your closed, captions you’ve got to make sure you got your closed. Captions turned on, and at least have the auto-generate, and what I like to do is if you’re not actually transcribing your video, you go in there and you make sure that auto-generate has at least your keywords correct right because you want Google to reference that and See that you’ve got the keywords in there as well number ten.

You turn on your translations, your community translations, while you’re in your closed caption area. This can be very powerful. In fact, let me tell you a quick story on my baseball channel. I started turning these on now. I have two dedicated channels, one in China, Taiwan and the other one in Korea, and they are run in those languages specifically all because I started by clicking that little button right there numbers eleven is to translate your titles, and your description as well now to buddy Has this feature where you can actually just click, and it translates the title and the description into many different languages and you go through picking the languages that you want to translate it to and translate your title and your description, which will get you more worldwide views?

Number twelve is to link from other views in your channel to the video that you want to get the most views for. So you got a video that you really want to get a lot of views for like this one. On my channel, I’m gonna take a few of my other videos and link to this one so that this one’s gonna get more juice and YouTube’s gonna say: hey this video might be extra special. Let’S push this one up number thirteen! You want to share your video to social media platforms using the buttons underneath the video that you just published.

Now it’s very important to share these videos as fast as you can as soon as they’re uploaded because there’s something called view velocity and the more views that the video gets within the first hour. The first 24 hours the first week and the first month is going to determine how well the video does over time. So you really want to make sure that you’re sharing it right away and getting as many people as you can to watch that video number fourteen once your video is live, go over to https://videoinformationproducer.com/free-seo-tools-from-pingler/, calm, and ping. Your video all you’re going to do is leave your YouTube URL into the little box they provide. Therefore, you gonna enter your keyword, select your categories and then go ahead and ping it.

This is just gonna. Let the search engines know that you’ve got a new video up and it’s gonna be findable faster. Number. 15. Add your new video to a related playlist, because if your videos are in their related playlist, it’s gonna get more views because people are gonna be worth watching.

Certain videos and they’re gonna come across your video. So adding them to the playlist is a great way to get more views once you upload them. Number 16 share your new video in Facebook groups. Now I’m not talking about those sub4sub Facebook groups, because that’s no good! You don’t want to fake subscribers and fake views.

You don’t want to buy views. You don’t want to do anything shady like that, because you do the smart. They know they know and when you’re not getting the engagement that you should for the number of subscribers that you have two views. They’re going to penalize you so do not do that, but what I mean by sharing them in Facebook groups is go-to actual groups where people are looking for your content. So for my baseball channel, for example, I will go to baseball groups, and people are looking for training tips and things like this and I could post up a video there and they’re actually looking for it.

They’Re actually gonna watch that video. So I’m not going to like a youtube sub4sub group and going hey subscribe to my channel. I subscribe to your channel, no I’m actually providing content to real people who want to watch my videos so find those Facebook groups and share your video. There. Number 17 is actually to link in your description to subscribe to your channel as well as some playlists within your channel because the more people stay on your channel and watch more of your videos.

They’re going to boost the video that started that session. For example, if you upload a new video, they start watching it, and then they go through a two-three four more of your videos, the video they started on they’re gonna give a lot more juice to it and provide more views too because it’s started the Session and people stayed on your channel longer, so you want to make sure that you put playlists in your description as well as a subscribe link. Number 18 turns on monetization. Now, if you can monetize, if you’ve got a thousand subscribers at 4,000 hours of watch time, please turn this on now it may seem counterintuitive to have the ads before you might think you get fewer views if you do that, but guess what YouTube likes money they Want to get money too! So when you have monetization in front of the video, when you have the ads in front of your videos, they’re gonna promote that video more because guess what they want to make money too.

Number 19 add cards from other videos, pointing to the video that you want to get a lot of views. So if you again, it’s like leaving links in the videos to this one just leave the cards are just the little things that pop up at the top right of the video people can click on and go to a new video and, if you’re, trying to Get views for this certain video go ahead and leave some cards in other videos. That will definitely help number 20 is to add a pinned comment after you publish the video go down in the comment. Section type up a comment: leave you or subscribe link. Perhaps you leave a playlist link, perhaps you leave a link to another video in your channel but leave a link down there and then pin it, so it stays at the top of the comment section and everyone who goes down to comment on your video sees that Comment and perhaps they click on that link, perhaps they go watch another video within a playlist.

You get a bunch of juice and you start getting more views on that video number 21. If you got a video that you really want to get a lot of views on YouTube, then you can use it as your featured content on your channel. So this is gonna be upfront when anyone comes to your channel, who is already subscribed. They’Re gonna see this video and that’s a great way to make sure that the video that you’re uploading that you want to get a lot of views is going to get a lot of views. Number 22.

If you have an email list, send your video link out to that email list and say: hey guess what guys I got a cool video for you to watch if you’re getting 20 % open rates and you’re getting another 10 % that click you’re gonna get A handful of extra views now send that out in the first hour, if you can, because again we want the view velocity to be very high if you’re trying to look to get a lot of views on your YouTube, video and last but not least, number 23 Is to reply to all comments quickly, because guess what, when you reply to someone, they see that in their email or wherever they got their notifications turned on whether it’s on their phone or whatever and they’re gonna click on it. It’s going to take them back to the video and you’re gonna get it probably get another view for that, and you can engage with that. Now. Here’S a little trick when it comes to comments. I like to reply to comments on my phone because on my phone right through the YouTube app, I can actually click on it and it’s gonna add their name and tag them.

So not only are they’re gonna get the notification in their email if they have that turned on, but they’re gonna get the notification within their app. So I get more responses when I reply to comments through my phone than I do. If I reply on my computer so take that trip, you’re gonna get a lot more views from doing that. One alone. I hope you guys like this video on how to get more views on YouTube.

I said it again now: listen! What’S the real point, though, of creating YouTube videos? Is it just to get used to be famous? I don’t know, but for me, it’s about making money. I want to put videos up, so I can make money and how you do.

That is not my leveraging. The Adsense Google Adsense of making money from the heads – that’s cool, that’s extra money, but the real way is to take the traffic that you make and drive them into a funnel right. Let me show you what I’m talking about. You see this right here. This is what I call the full-funnel formula, and this is how I use this is the formula that I use to be successful online.

I ask the viewers of my videos if they’re interested in learning the full-funnel formula and how they can be successful online. Using this and if they’re interested, they go to a page where they enter their first name and their email, and then I share their video with them on exactly how I use this formula to take the traffic from YouTube and fill my funnel to make a bunch Of money, so in fact, if you’re one of those interested in it I’ll leave a link down below the first link in the description where you can check that out, I’m telling you this right here is a game-changer and it’s what took me from just making Youtube videos and thinking about getting views to actually making real money on YouTube. So, if you’re interested in that check it out, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one thanks, guys.

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