“Only 1 In 1000 Can Solve” The Viral 1 + 4 = 5 Puzzle. The Correct Answer Explained

Hi I am Presh Talwalkar This problem has been shared on Facebook and it was said that 1 in a thousand people could solve the problem. Rumor soon emerged, and it now has over 3 million responses. in this video I show what many people see as the correct answer. Can you find out. Give it a try before watching the video further. Most people would agree that the answer is 96 The pattern goes like this: in each line you take the first number and add it to the product of the first and second numbers.

So for example, the first line is 1 = 4 So we have to think of "1 + 4" as "1 + 1 * 4" this is equal to 5 the second line which is "2 + 5" should be seen as "2 + 2 * 5" 2 * 5 is 10, and if we add 2 we get 12 the third line "+ 6", should be thought of as "3 + 3 * 6", which is equal to 21 de means that the last line "8 + 11" should be seen as "8 + 8 * 11" 8 * 11 is 88, and if we add 8 to that it becomes 96 however, there were those who disagreed she believed the answer should be 40 how did they get this answer? they thought the puzzle should be interpreted as a "running total", where you add all the numbers from each line. so the first line "1 + 4 = 5" is a correct mathematical answer in the next line where you have 2 + 5, you have to insert the answer from the previous line. if we add 5 to 2 + 5 we get 12, which is equal to the original answer now we add 12 to 3 + 6 which gives us 21 this interpretation is consistent with the information provided following this pattern, we take 21 and add that to 8 + 11, which gives us 40 so many people argue whether the answer should be 96 or 40 there is a way to combine these two approaches, and so we can see that the answer of 96, can be rightly stated under the other approach let's see how that is possible so if we consider the "running total" approach you can see the first numbers we add are 1, 2 and 3 Continuing this pattern, it could be that the next number to add is 4 what about the second number? we have 4, 5 and 6 logistics should say the next number should be 7 so the next line should be 4 + 7, this wouldn't be part of the original puzzle, but if we were to repeat the pattern from the original puzzle, we would have this missing line that can be put there.

so what would happen if we take our previous answer of 21 and add that to 4 + 7? we get an answer of 32 what should be the next line? we increment 4 by 1 to get 5 and if we incremented 7 by 1 we get 8 so the next line should be 5 + 8 so then we get 32 ​​+ 5 + 8 which gives us 45 we're following this pattern, the next line should be 6 + 9 we add our previous answer of 45, and get 60 then we have 7 + 10, which we add to 60 and we get 77 and if we repeat that pattern 1 more time we get 8 + 11 to which we add our previous answer of 77 and then we get the answer 96! so under this approach we also get the answer 96 we just need to change our running total by adding the missing lines but they are meaning if we were to increase the first and the second number so under this approach we also get 96 as an answer therefore, it seems clear that the answer to this puzzle should be 96.

Because under every approach we get this result what do you think? Did you get 96? Thanks for watching this video! Subscribe to my channel, I make videos about math and game theories. You can contact me on my blog "MindYourDecisions" which you can follow on my Facebook, Google+ and Patreon. You can reach me on social media @preshtalwalkar And if you liked the video, check out my books, there are links in the description

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