How to Add Info Cards to NEW YouTube Studio (Step-By-Step Guide)

How to Add Info Cards to NEW YouTube StudioWith Viewership, and today, I want to show you how to add info cards to your video inside of YouTube Studio, and this is the beta program. So what we’re gonna do is in our channel, we’re going to go ahead and click on YouTube Studio Beta. And then we’re gonna go over to the videos menu on the left-hand side. And we’re gonna work on this video right here called “Batching Videos”. So if we go ahead, and if you’ve never if you haven’t messed around in the new studio, YouTube Studio, don’t worry, we’re gonna be making a series of these videos walking you step by step through YouTube Studio, the new YouTube Studio.

You can always get back to Creator Studio Classic by clicking down here if that is the platform you’re used to. But today, I’m gonna show you how to add info cards in the new YouTube Studio. So go ahead and click on the video. And you’ll see in here this takes you to the backend of your video.

And this is where you add your title, your description, your tags, your thumbnail.

We’ll go through all of that in a different video. Today, what I want to focus on are cards. And cards, let’s go ahead and click on that. Cards are the little pop-outs that you see right here in videos and a really important tool. It’s really simple, a great tool to help you get more engagement and to help your viewers find and discover more videos on your channel.

So what I’m gonna do is go ahead and pause this video so we don’t get distracted. I’m gonna actually delete these cards. So if you’ve never looked at this before, these little icons right here represent the cards and where they’re going to show up in the videos. This is a minute into your video, this is about two minutes into your video, and you can see all the way to the end of your video.

So I have added two cards.

I’m going to delete them and show you how I added them. So I’m gonna go ahead and click edit and delete. And then edit this card and delete that as well. And then I’ll show you how I go ahead and add them back in. All right, so we take our little play head right here and you can just grab it with your mouse and move it all around the video.

And what I like to do is towards the front of the video, within about the first two minutes, I like to add a card that is a poll. And YouTube spells it out for you right here. It encourages viewers to participate in a poll. So you ask a question, a simple yes, no, maybe question. And it’ll pop up for them.

We’ll look at that in just a minute. And it encourages your audience to participate. So it’s a really great way to drive engagement on your videos, super simple. So you go ahead and click Create, and then you want to type in your question.

So this video is about batching videos, so I’ll go ahead, you know what, let’s keep the question relevant to the topic that we’re on.

Do you know how to add info cards to your video? And I asked this question before, so it pops right up. The thing to know about these polls is that there are a certain number of characters that you can have. So if your question is too long, like, “do you know how to add info cards “to your YouTube video,” it’ll show you right here that you’re six characters over the limit. So we’ll go ahead and just keep it simple.

And then you want to give poll choices. So this is like yes no maybe. Again, you have a character limit. So let’s type, “Yes, I know how to add cards to videos.” Oh, that’s too long.

So we’ll just take it back down to, “Yes, I know how to add cards.” “No, I don’t know how to add cards.” Too long.

We’ll just leave it at, “No, I don’t know.” And then we’ll give a third option.

“Maybe, I’m not sure.” And because I’ve used that before, it pops right up for me. So once you have your question in place and your possible poll answers for your viewers, you go ahead and click Create Card. And you’ll see there’s your card right there. And if you hover over it, your question will pop up.

And then you’ll see it also in your video.

It’s gonna show up right around the two-minute mark. If you click on it, you can preview what it looks like. Do you know how to add info cards to your video? And your viewers have those three options to pick from.

So it’s a really great way to get your viewers to, like I said, participate, to engage, and also, you know, to gauge what they’re interested in and what they want to learn about. And then what I also like to do towards the end of the video is add in a video or playlist card that will pop up for them to help them discover more videos on our channel. So go ahead and click Create. And again, here let me show you this.

So let’s say you didn’t move your play head around and you left it right there.

And I go and I click Create. Sometimes this can be confusing. Go ahead, let’s just add How to Start a YouTube Channel from Scratch. We’ll add a card for this particular video. And you just click on the video you want, click Create Card, and boom.

It’s actually stacked on top of this other, on top of our first poll. So sometimes, that can be a little confusing if you’re just getting started on YouTube, so what you want to do is just move your little play head, click on the card, and there you go.

There’s your poll, and this is the card you created to point them to a different video on your channel. So I wanna spread them apart. I’m gonna put this one towards, more towards the end, like right around the last, right before the last minute.

All right, and you can add up to five cards. I don’t, I don’t like to add more than two.

But you most certainly can if you have a lot of information that you’re sharing in your video or if it’s a longer video, then you can absolutely add more cards. But that is how it’s done. And I definitely recommend at minimum put at least two cards in a question and then a card pointing to another video.

And once you’re done, you can click on this button up here, Return to YouTube Studio. And boom, you’re back on your dashboard. And again, to get back to your videos, just click on the videos menu over here. And there’s your video. You’ve got your cards in.

There is, you can also access cards through the Video Editor. And we’ll go through that process on a different video. But you can add in-screens from here, add a blur. And we’ll definitely cover that in a different video. So what I want you guys to do is definitely play around, check out the cards function here, make sure you’re adding cards to your videos.

It’s super simple and it’s such a great way to help your viewers out and to encourage them to participate. I’m gonna link as well right now at the end of this video to How to Start a YouTube Channel from scratch. So you guys can see if you want a full walk-through of how to start a channel, you can click on that. And I will see you in the next video.

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