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Hey guys, it's Susie Nelson with and welcome to my review of Commission 
Creator by Chris x and Rich Williams. Kim and I have spent a few 
hours going over this product and its training so that you don't have to. Do you want to know if the 
commission creator app is going to clone and launch a done for 
you super affiliate's website for you to make fast commissions with: no list, sixty times traffic and zero hosting or domain? Then you've come to the 
right place for the answers. Let's get started. In this 
video, I'm going to show you what commission creator promises. We're going to take a real look 
inside in a demo and walkthrough.

We're going to look at the pricing and otos, what you need to know before you buy, and my personal opinion of commission creator. As your affiliate marketing informant today, I'll be informing you of everything you want 
and need to know about affiliate marketing. Be sure to check out our links 
below to get access to the best high-quality training and tools available today. Commission Creator promises 
to clone his $497 a day affiliate website to create 
commissions with ClickBank, JVZoo and Warrior Plus. If this sounds too good to be 
true, stay with me to the end because I'm going to demo this product and tell you if I would 
spend my hard-earned money on Commission Creator. First, let's take a look at some of the things 
the sales page promises us it's going to do. It promises to clone my profitable 
affiliate business in 60 seconds flat with no content creation, no 
writing, and no list needed. It goes on to say that you will 
make 100% commissions fast. You'll get 60 times free traffic fast. You'll become a super affiliate with this.

And there will be zero hosting or domain. Not going to spend long on the sales page, there were a few things I 
wanted to take a look at. If we scroll down here, it does 
say that it was an instant turnkey super affiliate site with 
everything 100 done for you. It is one-click free traffic 
blaster so you can promote your website and affiliate links to 
60 times of the traffic sources with one click and built-in 
list building components so you can build your list 
and get a social following. One of the other things that it promises to do, it does promise to blast 75 
free traffic to your website and all your affiliate links. I'm not sure if it's 60 or 75 
but let's find out together. Here we are in the actual Commission Creator app. If you go over, you have your profile where 
you can put in some of your information and we'll look at the integrations. 
The integration gives you spinning and if you guys want to know The Ugly Truth About Article 
Spinners, check out the other video that Kim did on that.

And then there's also a ranker in here 
that says you're already connected. There's no training in there that I can see and if we go back to the 
dashboard, there's also no training in there either. But that's okay you guys because I actually found a product 
that they launched in October that looks exactly the same and we'll 
talk about that a little bit later. First let's talk about Commission 
Creator, in here starting from the top you can put your affiliate site URL in. 
They do give you this affiliate URL. It says this is the URL you need to share to get 
affiliate commissions from the site's reviews. If you preview that, this is 
actually going to be the website. I've already changed a few things, 
so I'm going to take a look at this and then we'll go back into 
the creator and show you how it works.

You can go on here and take 
a look at what this is. This is going to be the same for everybody. You have a logo. You have a banner up here. You have a little bit of about, all of 
the reviews that are put in for you. We have some different boxes down here: 
about us, resources, disclaimer, contact us. Those are actually the same 
as the pages over here. Well, I'll show you that, and then 
let's take a look at one of the reviews. This is the WordPress Story Machine 
honest review and you can see here, this is where you would put your lead capture in.

Right now it's just got numbers in it 
but there's also another option over here so you've got definitely some places 
that you can capture email in emails   in to begin building your list. If you look at the review,   it's pretty much just text, not a whole 
lot of pictures, about the author. But if you scroll down, you 
can see bonuses down here. Exclusive bonus, my bonus offer for $197, a weight loss offer for $197 as well. And that is exactly what your 
website is going to look like. So let's go back into the 
dashboard and look at the settings. You can do general, author bio, affiliate 
id, that's where you're going to come in and put in your JVZoo, 
ClickBank, and Warrior Plus ids. Social links here, you have one, 
two, three, four, five, six, seven, different social links.

And every 
time you adjust anything in here, there is a save button on the bottom. You will save that and you can toggle 
between this and your actual affiliate page and it will show you any 
of the changes you've made. But you must save when you 
leave every every slide. They have Mailchimp as an autoresponder. Mailchimp actually doesn't 
like affiliate marketing,   so I'll be interested to see how this works out. Again you would put in your 
audience, your API key, and save. You have the option for 
custom scripts and footers. Let's take a look at the lead.

It looks 
like we already have one lead in here and at this point you can only 
export… you cannot import any of your pre-existing lists.¬†¬† You can only export what is captured¬†
in here to something else for yourself. Look at the offers, they do say 
it comes pre-loaded with offers. Right now it looks like we have   one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, 
eight, nine, ten offers pre-loaded. WordPress Story Machine honest 
review, when you come in here you'll need to go and get affiliate 
approval from Warrior Plus and JVZoo. The ClickBank options, ClickBank if you have an 
account you're automatically approved with them. You can either review the review or you click for 
affiliate approval and then you can get your link. If for some reason you don't get 
approved for what they're offering here,   you can click the toggle button. Make sure you save down on the bottom and 
then it will disappear from your website but for right now I'm going to leave that on.

Now that's the offers, let's look at the pages. The pages and the widgets are 
exactly the same as I said before. It's all like the same information in it, 
you can just put some contact information in. This is your about page and it all populates 
into that website that they have created for you. Look at the bonuses on the WordPress. I showed you where it said my bonus 
offer, so here is my bonus offer. You go in, if you've made bonuses 
around this, you give it a title, a description, how much the value 
is, and then you just pick out of the 10 offers which one you 
made a bonus package for. Update and that will show up on your page as well. You have an opt-in form, I showed 
you earlier where there was one on the sidebar and then one on the top 
with all the numbers that were there.

You can go in and change that to your preferences. And then we have banners, so if 
you notice up on the top right it says create your next book in 60 seconds. That is the banner that is 
squished in right in here. It does say the image is a certain size. Guys I can't suggest Canva enough! They do have a free option but 
check out our affiliate link below if you're looking to get 
Canva it's an amazing tool! I found an image went in and put the sizes in and 
it reformatted it for me and I was good to go. Highly recommend Canva for 
banners and headers and footers. And that is all on the dashboard guys, 
that will be it for our website as well. I'm not sure what you think about this 
website, I think it looks a little plain.

The pictures aren't great, some 
of them are a little weird. That one's all smushed up. As for the reviews, they're 
all going to look the same. This is a cloner, it cloned 
it, it's exactly the same. They're all going to look exactly the same. There's nothing interesting. Now that we've seen how Commission Creator works, let's see what makes this product unique. Guys, I really wish I had something for you here.

There is absolutely… Nothing unique about Commission Creator. And how do I know there's nothing¬†
unique about Commission Creator? Well, guys, they released 
Affiliate Cloner in October of 2020 and if you look at this dashboard and 
the commission creator dashboard… They look identical! The only difference is the black on the sidebars. Everything else looks identical. Social media sites that they give you. The tracking that they have. Even the offers that they offer are the same. There's a wordpress story machine here and¬†
there's a wordpress story machine here. And now that they released 
this one in October of 2020. This one in April of 2021. They 
have another launch set for May of 2021 and guess what 
the name of that one is? Click Cloner They have Click Cloner, that'll 
be coming out on May 11.

With that said what do you 
need to know before you buy? With Commission Creator, you 
will be able to clone this site. And a done for you review 
website will be provided. There's no list needed and 
there is zero hosting or domain. However, it will look like everyone 
else's, as it should since it is a cloner. They told us we wouldn't 
need a list to get started, however, they don't give you their list 
and you can't import an existing list. You can only begin to build 
your list with this app. Hosting and domain it is hosted by 
them unless you use your own URL so Let's say we don't have a website 
and we do want to use their URL… It's theirs, they own it! What happens¬†
if they quit supporting this product with their next product launch in May? I'm not saying they will but they could.

And if that happens, what 
happens to your site? Your lists? If you haven't exported 
them, they're still in there, you can't access any of that. You don't own it, it is not yours! If you're new to affiliate 
marketing and you do need a website be sure to check out our link below 
for a free starter affiliate website. And there is no training I found 
no training in this app whatsoever. The only way I knew what, how 
to do anything in this training was because I found a review for the Affiliate 
Cloner that had the instructions in it. Take a look at the pricing and 
the otos for Commission Creator. The front end you're going to 
pay $17 for the core software that lets people launch an instant 
done for you affiliate website. Upsell number one is going 
to be an upgrade to promote unlimited offers to scale 
commissions even further. Upsell number two is going to be autopilot. It's going to activate 60 times 
affiliate programs per day and over 1,500 campaigns instantly pre-loaded. Number four is going to be 
done for you at 197 dollars and you will let his elite team 
site up a done-for-you site for you.

All we need is your ClickBank ID. So I assume they're going to set up a 
done-for-you site here with your Clickbank id. Number four is the reseller upsell for $197. You earn 100% across the entire funnel selling   this top selling warrior 
offer as if it was your own. Now here it says 50% commission 
and this one says 100% Number five is the mega bundle. You'll get access to an insane 37 software tools 
that cost him over 30 thousand dollars to build. At the end of the day, the total 
cost for Commission Creator with   all of the upsells is going to be 576 dollars. If you guys don't know yet, 
you'll find out soon enough. I have to do some research on the vendor. Coming into the Warrior Plus dashboard 
and we take a look at Richard Williams. We'll see that he's got nine products here. He has 
got a two and a half star rating with 234 reviews. If we look at the products 
that he has already released, he's got a thousand sales 
here with only 19 reviews. He's got a thousand sales here with 15 reviews.

So the point I'm making on this is that it doesn't seem like anybody that uses 
his product wants to come write him a review and if they dothey aren't stellar. Next we'll take a look at Muncheye 
here and you look at JVZoo Rich,   who is the creator of this product. He started launching in January of 2019, he started with an ai affiliate bots 2. And if you look, it continues a 
trend we have affiliate funnel bots, affiliate video bots, affiliate 
traffic bots, resell bots. And then we start on the two versions 
Christmas affiliate bots, resell bots 2. You can see here they are, 
they launch quite a bit. Sometimes even twice a month. If you come down here you can 
even see affiliate list bots which Kim has already done a review on. Be sure to check out her video:) My personal concern here is how 
often do these programs disappear? Say I got version one will I have 
to continue buying each new app with the otos? That'll cost you a thousand dollars alone. Now let's make sure we answer the questions that 
I asked you guys at the beginning of this video.

Will Commission Creator clone a 
super affiliates website for you to make fast commissions with: no list, 60 times the traffic, 
zero hosting or domain? No list is true. You can't 
import an existing list,   you can only start building your list 
from when you start this review website. Will it generate 60 times the free traffic? That's going to be false. There's only nine 
social media sites to publish to that we counted and I don't see where you're going 
to get any other traffic from. You can't import a list to send it to. You,   if you don't have a huge following 
on the nine social media sites they give you nobody's gonna see that. Is it zero hosting or domain? That is true but you don't own it. It could disappear if they 
quit supporting the app. Alright, guys, I told you I'd tell you if 
I would personally buy this product, and Well… This website does clone a super affiliates website but you will not become a super¬†
affiliate with this website. There's no way to get 75 or 60 times traffic. And the website looks just like all the others 
bought this, their websites look exactly the same.

I like to own my own domain. 
I like to do my own reviews. And I don't want it to look exactly 
like what everyone else has. They also make claims they have no 
intention of keeping on their sales page. And their sales pages look like all the other 
sales pages of the products they've put out. And that is why I personally wouldn't buy 
Commission Creator by Chris X and Rich Williams. I hope this review answered all of your 
questions about Commission Creator. If it didn't feel free to 
ask in the comments below and we'll be more than happy to answer 
it as soon as we can to help you out. If you found any value in this 
video, be sure to give me a like and subscribe to our channel. And if you're serious about 
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This is hands down the   best free starter training 
we've found for you yet! Thanks for watching:).

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