12 best side hustle ideas to make money in 2020 (that pay well)

12 best side hustle businesses to make
money in 2020 that pay well – okay have you been looking to make some money some
legitimate money I don't mean BS stuff you know scam you stuff or spammy stuff
I mean really make some money I put together 12 ways you can make money on
the side okay and turn it into a big business also if you want and we're
starting right now hey I'm J.R.

I've been selling online since 2009 in fact I sell digital products I sell
physical products I do coaching and I've been millions in business over the years
and on this channel what I do is I share with you some of these techniques of
tips I've learned along the way and some disappointments and some losses – I
share the losses with you so that you could skip over those it'll save you
time and effort so what I want to do in this video is
I'm gonna share with you 12 ways to make money now before we get started with
this I want to prefix it with this some people will say well I don't want to do
that and I don't want to do that I don't want to do that okay that's fine so like
what you do what I do but if you really want to make money sometimes you got to
do some stuff you don't want to do to get to the stage where you want to be
because some of you may be saying hey I just want a brand new computer it's and
camera equipment and I want to shoot videos on YouTube but I don't have any
money you could do that if you started one of these other businesses and worked
up to that okay so if you don't have the funds you need and you don't have
anything really to invest with your time right now these are some great
businesses some will appeal to some people some will not appeal to other
people so if they don't appeal to you just don't do those businesses it's that
easy now I also have a three ecommerce course it's right below cost just zero
or you go just click and learn it's a $97 value so I would certainly take me
up on grab that corpse – okay so let's get
started with the twelve businesses which you could make money at all on the side
now the first business I'm going to tell you about is Amazon flex Amazon flex
pays eighteen to twenty four dollars an hour with zero experience okay so let's
check that out now we're going to go over to Amazon flex okay here I am at
Amazon flex now this is a pretty cool site Amazon has grown so much but they
need people to deliver packages okay so to deliver packages most drivers make
eighteen to twenty five dollars an hour you can easily track your earnings with
the Amazon flex apps they have an app for flexible hours you can schedule
ahead or pick up any available block of time that they have available and you
can be your own boss you build your own schedule opportunities available seven
days a week so whenever you've got free time you could actually do this guy's
you don't have to do it you know on certain hours and that's the cool thing
about that maybe you've got you know obligations maybe you have another job
maybe you have children you know and you need to have you know your husband or
wife home so that you can do these things you could do that with Amazon
flex and all you got to do is go here click get started and download the app
now I happen to know you can't do this on a laptop you actually have to do this
on a phone so what you would do is you if you want to click here and get
started you could do that but to download the app here see it gives you
this link and you actually have to put that link into your mobile browser and
then you could go ahead get start so I guess the only thing you really need for
this is some type of smart phone that you can access the internet on and you
can start making money with Amazon flaps now the next thing you can make money on
and you've seen them all over town you've seen them everywhere and you've
probably wondered how they got maintained is with charging line and
bird scooters so there's a couple other brands out there and you could actually
just google this and I just want to tell you about this I'm not gonna go to their
site right now but you go to either one of their sites blind or
bird and and there's a lot of these scooter companies out there but the way
they get charged is they actually pay people based on the location of the
scooter a flat fee to charge it now you're probably wondering well walnut
you know use up all my electricity and won't they cost me more it normally cost
you about twenty five cents to charge one of these scooters so it's about a
quarter and on average people are earning five dollars for charging a
scooter so if you went out there and you grabbed you know ten scooters or 20
scooters you're gonna make 50 to 100 bucks a day just charging scooters now
some scooters will pay you fifteen twenty dollars to charge now why
would that be why would they want to pay you more it's the location my friend
it's the location so some of these scooters are in difficult to reach
places maybe you've got to jump a fence maybe they're down by a lake maybe
they're off the road and you know some brush or something they know based on
technology where that scooter is at and they're gonna pay you based on how
difficult it is to get that scooter if there's 20 of them on the corner and you
can just grab 20 they're probably gonna pay you three bucks of scooter but you
know if you've got to go and get that scooter in a little bit more remote area
more difficult area they'll pay you more but on average it's five bucks so if you
want to make some money all you got to do is spend your gas money to go around
and pick them up – Herman your car and go charge it and that is number two
number three this is a really cool one and I met somebody who did this and they
started an actual car wash business but here's how they did that they didn't do
it normally they didn't just go out and wash cars what they did is they went
into the exotic car groups on Facebook and they posted in the group that they
will wash their car now exotic cars people expect a little bit more
attention yeah normal car wash in our town here is probably gonna cost you
about 80 bucks and you're gonna get about an hour's worth of work out of
that and that's fine if you want to do those two but if you get into the exotic
ones you can two to three hundred dollars and you're
gonna have to spend a couple hours there but two to three hundred bucks you know
you could do one a day and pick up another four thousand dollars a month
working five six days a week so that's another way you could make money and
somebody said well I don't want to do that I don't know watchbird well then
don't do it but you could pick up a lot of money
literally in the thousands of dollars if you go out there and offer the services
for washing exotic cars or regular ones for that matter
number four is garage sale flippin now this may sound insane to you but Gary
Vee has done some really good video to listen this is Gary Vaynerchuk we all
know him and love him and he's a motivational guy he literally went
around to garage sales to prove this could be done and he bought items and
here's how you do this you buy items if you don't go home and have a garage sale
because people don't expect to pay for anything that garage but they pretty
much wanted as free as they can get it and I'm going to show you how to get it
free in just a second but what you do is you find these items that are kind of
unique and you put them up on eBay and you sell a bunny but you find some
unique items and sell it now the key is to get these things as cheap as you
possibly can and there's two times you can get them cheaper the first time this
first thing in the morning if you go first thing in the morning when nobody
else is there and people are putting their stuff out you can ask them you
know I'll take five of these right now you know for ten dollars or I'll take
twelve of these right now for twenty dollars and people basically the reason
they have a garage sale is it's stuff they want to throw out I know I used to
have them years ago and my kids could sell their toys and sell their clothes
and they could get some money and it was fun and we would spend you know a
Saturday and Sunday out there doing this but basically I had already scheduled
for a charity truck you know disabled veterans or whatever to pick up all the
junk on Monday morning that was not sold because I didn't want any of it I didn't
bring it back in the house I'd put in the garage until they showed up you know
on Monday and give it away so that's the other key the other way to get it really
cheap is go at the end of the day or the last day of that particular garage sale
because at that point these people are willing to just give it away so at that
point you can literally get stuff so cheap that y'all must have to make a
profit when you put on eBay if it's worthwhile at all so unique things you
want to get it may be clothing belts jewelry that type of thing I would stay
away from appliances electronic you can have too many problems with those but
any little unique items you can resell on eBay and make money I know I saw Gary
be actually doing this I haven't personally done it myself
but I know people who do it and some of these people are making thousands or
even millions of dollars because they send people out to buy stuff and they do
all the listings and end up with warehouses and it's a pretty cool
business and all you need is a little tiny bit of money to get started number
five is drop shipping drop shipping is awesome drop shipping is awesome because
you don't have to have inventory now I will tell you you know we sell
survivalcavefood.com a sis they sell the product and collect the money and then
they buy the product from us and we ship it out so they don't have to do anything
but listed on their site and you know collect the money and then send the
order to us and we take it from there so I know drop shipping is really good
nowadays you can use Aliexpress you can incorporate Aliexpress with your Shopify
store all you do is integrate it with overload
something along those lines and you can sell products in China and ship them to
people in the US and you never touch anything all you do is market on number
six is rent out your car on forum look store oh it was a pretty interesting
site that's right over there right now and show you four oh and she was
okay Here I am at Toro right now now this is a really cool site this is a
place you can actually list your car you see it right here
or you can actually Grint a car so I'm gonna put that I'm gonna rent a car I'm
on Pig Los Angeles and I'm gonna see what's available
I just hitting enter now the dates are pre-populated in here looks like a three
day rental type thing now what it's gonna do is it's gonna
pull up all the cars in Los Angeles that are for rent you can see where all the
locations are okay you're gonna have to get them from these locations you can
Oberer over there right so here's a Tesla Model S in it's $1.99 a day now
here's the interesting thing I was with a friend not too long ago and he was
driving a Tesla X and they were renting out that car and I think it was 300 a
day so he was taking in $1,500 a month and he wanted a Tesla but he couldn't
afford one so what he did is he went ahead and financed a Tesla he put it on
Toro and he was taking in $2,500 a month $2,000 miles I think his payments for
like 15 or something like that and he actually was paying for his par by
leasing out the car which was pretty darn amazing right you can actually
lease out your car and actually pay for it now that car was over a hundred
thousand dollar car but he could pay for it by just renting it out now there's
all types of different cars and here guys and all you have to do is list your
car they take care of the insurance and all that stuff and I get a cut obviously
but let's look up here and we're gonna change the sort and we're gonna sort it
low to high to show you what other kind of kind of cheap cars are being rented
out here this person has a Dodge Avenger 2013 this is probably six or seven
hundred car at best and they're ringing it for $20 a day here's in a 2011
Hyundai Sonata for 20 bucks a day you just look through here and
Nissan Versa who knows how many miles are on that car matter of fact let's
click on it to take a look at it real quick and it's 20 bucks a day it's had
27 trips let's see here shows you how many miles
highway how many miles city two automatic transmission if you want it
for a long term you can do that distance includes 350 miles but if they go over
that you charge 20 cents of fee for additional miles insured by Liberty and
you got a bunch of five-star reviews here so it's just kind of interesting
the kind of cars that are on there now let's do a flip side of this let's go
ahead and sort this high to low to show you some of the high-end cars are in
here okay there we go a Lamborghini for only sixteen hundred fifty dollars a day
if you wanna pet here's a Tesla X like what I told you about this guys getting
sixteen hundred dollars a day well he isn't yet he doesn't have any rental
fees or that that seems a little high to me but here's a mclaren 1500 bucks a day
it's already got eight trips so he's rented at eight times so what is that
that's eight thousand or four that's twelve thousand dollars he's taken in
right there so if you got a car you're not driving
you want to run it out go to Touro I'm sure there's other sites like this too
number seven is chatbox support now you can go in Google it's on your own but
chatbox support normally pays about fifteen to eighteen dollars an hour all
these companies have these little chat box now on their website they don't have
somebody dedicated to sit there and monitor this so a lot of companies have
sprung up and you get to sign up for certain blocks of time they give you the
basic information of the company if somebody needs more detailed information
you just get their information you forward that to the company and they'll
follow up from there so if you've got a few hours a day and
you want to be a chatbot and you want to answer some of these people's questions
at fifteen to eighteen bucks an hour it's pretty good because you look at the
people driving uber they're making ten dollars and then having to drive their
own car you gasps and pay for their own insurance
you could sit at home and just type on your computer number eight and I just
mentioned uber but this is a whole different kind of newburgh this is uber
Pete's ubereats is pretty cool actually and ubereats is simple to sign up on it
has a lot less qualifications than uber does okay so the qualifications for uber
are tougher than Cooper eats because ubereats basically you're gonna pull up
to a restaurant you're gonna pick up a bag you have an app you're gonna drive
to the person's house and you're gonna hand them the bag that's all you do
there is no interaction whatsoever with individual people it's just you and the
food and whoever you drop it off with okay so that's your interaction I guess
you have to say here's your food but that's a great way to pick up some money
and those guys are earning eighteen to twenty dollars an apple
number nine is rent out your parking place right now it's your parking place
this is crazy I found this site and I want to go to it it's called kerb dock
works and let me show it to you real quick give me one second okay I meant
curb dock works right here okay so this is not available in every city so you
know depending on where you want to park you may or may not be able to find it
I'm gonna go to Albania real quick cause to get something that's a kerb is
launching and Albania since they don't have one there let me find city they do
have this okay so I'm in Carnes Australia and in
Carnes Australia these are all the parking places and how this works is
some people live by the beach or some people live by a stadium where some
people live in a crowded neighborhood where there's no parking and they just
rent out their parking spot now maybe it's one assigned to you maybe you have
two parking places in your driveway and you don't use the other one maybe you've
got some grass in the front of the house I used to go to these concerts and I see
people renting out spots for people to park on their lawn for $10 a car they
put ten cars there and we're making a hundred bucks a day or whatever but
those rates are much higher now so you know maybe you're getting 50 or you know
$60 a day and it's just found money you literally do nothing for it but the cool
thing is it's all done through an app now so they pay for it through the app
and you know who the person is cuz you get the license plate you have all that
and you can just rent out space at your house number 10 is writing for people
writing is pretty simple if you've got average American you know education and
maybe you've been through high school you can just go to something like Tex
broker or you can go to a writer let's do that real quick I'll run over Tex
broker okay here I am a text broker and you either
I need content or I write content okay so on average the average American
person who's been through high school is gonna be about they level four so you're
gonna be earning about fifteen to eighteen dollars an hour if you're
writing here now if you make it to level five which doesn't take that much more
expertise you could be making as much as $50 an hour writing on text broker so
you know if you wrote five hours a day what is that 5 times 5 that's 250 bucks
a day you could be earning on text broker you work five days a week that's
four thousand dollars a month you can also use a writer com2 let's check that
out and there's AI writer it pretty much
works the same way is Tex broker you can either order content or write content
and it's a pretty simple thing to do and you get paid really quick people you
know pay the heavy right articles and blog posts and ebooks and product
descriptions whatever it is and you get paid now number eleven it's kind of
crazy but it works it's called rent a friend calm yep Brendon friend calm now
let's go over to writer friend calm it up and to show you what it is so here I
am in Rinna friend calm now people go to rent a friend for a lot of different
reasons here but basically it's spending time with somebody you don't know so
maybe you want to get words of your city okay there's a good example those are on
rent to friend maybe you know the sightseeing spots those are on renter
friends maybe somebody is coming to a town they just want to be shown around
the town and all the restaurants and you know all the restaurants and you're good
at that so all you do is type in here you can pick male friends all friends or
female friends so let me put in here San Diego and I'll check out our town here
and I'll say that I want somebody to show me restaurants I'm gonna go to San
Diego and we're gonna go search and now people rent people to go to parties
people rent people to go out on dates it's not really a dating site so I don't
want you to think of it that way but sometimes people have to go to a
business function they need to have somebody go with them they need to have
somebody with them they can go to rent a friend and get somebody to go with them
so as I scroll through here it says these are the short listings and then we
have a detailed preview right here okay so you could pick one of these
people here I'm an international person I've been all around the world also have
been doing life coaching in Europe so we're gonna pick on desk Tina right here
and we'll see what does Tina does okay it's got a description of her I can
organize a group of people to hang out with for a party or a big event and you
have to join actually to see all the pricings on this but it's got a little
blurb about her so she says here I can be a phone friend email penpal introduce
you to people wingman wing woman poetry art drawing coffee house bookstores
bowling sightseeing hiking how did this this lady will do anything photography
zoo museum teaching manners workout partner she will rent out her time as a
workout partner that is really interesting
pottery baking cooking museum amusement parks golf wine-tasting friends she'll
hang out with seniors whatever to go to the movies our dinner with you clubbing
going to bars sports events this is one of the craziest sites I think I've ever
seen but people are vetted so you don't have to worry about that and Ritz our
friend is the largest friend for hire site on the Internet we're in a friend
number 12 and the last one is domain flipping it's basically buying a URL and
reselling it for more than you bought it for and this is pretty interesting
because there's a lot of people out there looking for domains and there's
some that are available that nobody knows available so what you do to get
probably better domains if you want to go to just drop calm so let's run over
there real quick – just drop calm okay here we are at just drop calm now you
can look at these URLs by subject neither the cool thing about just drop
calm is that the URLs that are in here are ones that just expired so nobody's
really knowing about it yet and you can actually buy these domains and probably
sell them for more money now you're gonna have to enter your
information and then they're gonna send you account verification code and it
used to verify it okay so my account is verified now so now I can actually go in
here and do some searches so anyhow once you sign up for your account then you
can actually do searches right in here in this box now they're gonna charge
your fees if you want you know some unrestricted searching that type of
thing but basically it's worth it if you're gonna be buying and selling these
sites a great thing to do and you can also list these sites that GoDaddy or
whatever once you've fought that URL and you can actually make money it'll also
tell you once you've done a search if that particular URL has a website
already built or not so that way it'll let you know that so there you go guys
there's 12 ways you can make money now some are going to be more appealing to
others and some won't be appealing to others but the point is you can make
some money there's no excuse for you not to go out there and make money some
require access to the Internet some do not require access to the Internet
some require that you have a smart phone some do not require that you have a
smart phone so that's all you really need to do I hope you enjoyed this video
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