🤑7 ways to earn money with a laptop with no skills or products

7 ways to earn money with a laptop
with no skills and no product now do you want to earn money online but you really
don't have any technical skills and you don't have money to invest in inventory
well in this video I'm going to show you exactly how to do that if you've got a
laptop now or you know an iPad or a desktop computer you can actually make
money without investing anything and any products and i'ma show you exactly how
to do it and we're starting right now hey I'm J.R.

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let's take going here first off have you tried to make money online there's a lot
of ripoffs out there there's a lot of crap out there have you tried anything
if you tried anything that worked or didn't work I want to know about it put
it in the comments below do you have questions about this subject I also want
to know about that if you've got a question about this something I can help
you with put that in the comments below I'll be happy to help you okay let's
jump right into this and figure out how to make money me you can do this
anywhere in the world did you have an internet connection
which means if you want to travel you can now travel and make money so let's
get going I'm gonna start off by taking you to a site called up work now at
upwork there's all kinds of level of skills okay you don't have to have
technical skills necessarily but I'm gonna show you some of the entry-level
ways of making money online that you really don't have to have any skills to
do that anybody could just go do it so let's run on over there right now and
check it out okay I'm at upwork right now and I'm gonna
start searching for different types of jobs that we could do now obviously you
know I told you in the beginning you need a laptop to do this so the first
thing I'm going to tell you to type in here is data entry and data entry is
nothing more than typing in information on your computer okay if you can type in
information you can make a little bit now it's not gonna pay as much as
developing a you know a website app obviously however if you just want to
make some money from home some simple money you don't want to have to put a
lot of effort or thought into it you can do it this person here does data entry
$14 an hour this person does it for $13 now this one person here's $15 an hour
$16 now so if you notice most of these are above minimum wage this one here is
$20 an hour and the more you do the more ratings you get the better job you've
done the more you can charge and I'm scrolling through and it looks like the
rate goes from about 15 to $30 an hour this person here charges $25 an hour
she's earned $60,000 on here already so that tells me could be done and she
tells you right here I'm gonna stay at home mom looking to help you with your
task I have over 15 years of customer service experience and I'm very good at
multitasking so all you have to do is put a profile up here in your picture
you don't necessarily even have to put a picture I think most of these people
have the and we can put some filters on here so
let's filter this real quick and we will say $60 an hour and above
okay so let's say you wanted to make $60 and above these people this is $80 an
hour okay she does construction an enterprise project manager so she's
doing a little bit more okay she's not just doing data entry but you can play
around with those filters there and find different levels of stuff you can do
okay let's say you don't want to do data entry but you like to talk on the phone
okay I'm gonna get paid to talk on the phone you can do that I'm gonna type in
phone support now what these companies do is they direct their phone lines to
you and you actually enter it here's a guy 16 dollars an hour customer service
specialist $20 an hour $15 an hour 10 an hour now this here is probably
overseas no that one's in California actually okay 2250 an hour $20 an hour
so you know 33 dollars an hour Customer Support Specialists okay so if all they
do is answer the phone talk to the people you know you're usually given a
script by the company what they want you to say next one is let's say you know
you don't want to type in anything and you don't even want to talk watch this
you can do chat support will type in chat support right here and there you go
these people actually do email and chat support and it's like a virtual
assistant 16 dollars now or eighteen fifty an hour 20 dollars an hour right
here and they just do you know chat support that's all they actually do
where there's some chat boxes pop open these are the people that actually type
in that information for you now the next one you can do which you know is is
really cool is transcription and what that is is people will actually send you
a video or an audio file and you transcribe those words onto paper so
let's check that out when you do that that is over at grab comment okay we're
over at Reb calm right now and you can see that some of the
services people will pay the dollar 25 a minute dollar 25 a minute 3 to 7 dollars
a minute for foreign stuff now the higher the level of your transcription
and the more accurate you are the more you can actually charge so the better
you get at it if I click on services here you can see how this works
transcription documents into 35 different languages in cents per word
let's click on all services here rough draft is 25 cents per minute a rough
draft means it's probably not gonna even say what this people said over here but
English English captions right here to drop dollar 25 a minute so you know
that's that's a lot of money if you think about it now they're gonna get a
portion of it obviously but in a dollar 25 a minute you know that's you know
sixty dollars is a dollar a minute and then you get a quarter so put 75 dollars
an hour to actually transcribe stuff for people that's pretty darn good money now
maybe you want to do something else where you help people all day long with
all bunch of different tasks number five is going to be a VA a virtual assistant
so maybe you're going to be making appointments for maybe you're gonna be
answering the emails for them this is more of a full-time type thing or
part-time but it's gonna pay by the hour you can be a virtual assistant there's
plenty of places online you can type in virtual assistant online and Google and
you're gonna find plenty of places where you can list your services to do that so
you can stay home you can say I'm with the kids you know you can take care of
your home you can earn a living and you don't have to go out and you know spend
money on gas and a car clothes and lunches out and all that you can
actually work from home all you need is one of these laptops here that's it it's
all you need now the next thing is if you're really good at catching mistakes
number six is editing and proofreading you can do that on a lot of these sites
I can take this let's go over to up work real quick and I'll show you what you
can do then okay I'm at up work right now and we're gonna put in editing and
see we'll be good okay here we go expert editing and proofreading sixty-five
dollars an hour this person charges okay she's in Moore Oklahoma and I'm sure the
average wage and more Mohammed is not $65 and a half per this
person here does photography videography film editing $125 now are in Lana
Georgia $40 an hour here so these rates are pretty high when you think of what
the national minimum wage is you know ten to fifteen dollars an hour depending
on where you're at you know 45 or 60 dollars an hour is pretty darn good
money and number seven logo design start designing logos for people you think I
don't know how to design a logo Junior that's really complicated you know
what's not there's actual sites you go to that you can use and you can create a
logo so let's go over to the laughing bird software right now I'm at laughing
bird software right now it's a downloadable program you can get ok and
there's no subscription to it you buy it one time and let's take a look here and
I'm gonna just play this little video they have here you can see just move this stuff around
it's all templates so you get the idea I'm not gonna go
through the whole video here but this is all template of guys and all you have to
do is put the stuff in there now let's see is there a need for that well let's
go over to up work again and I'm gonna put logo creation we've got logo
creation right here at 135 dollars an hour logo creative marketing $49 74
dollars an hour 50 dollars now now how much does it cost for that software a
little bit of an investment let's check it out start creating now grab the
creator bundle there you go if you just want to do the graphics one its $37
there's 43 templates if you want to get them bundle that has the greatest show
templates and add creator 497 notes you can do ads and you know 437 or $97
you're in business okay it's really that easy
so check it out I'll put a link in the description below and you can grab this
and you know start creating logos now have you tried to make any money online
so far put your comments below what worked for you what didn't work for you
do you have some questions about how to make money online put those comments
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