ūüĒ•7 easy business ideas to make money in only 18 hours a month

seven easy business ideas to make 
money in only 18 hours a month   okay so you got a little spare time right you 
could turn off game of thrones you could watch   one less movie a week or something like that and 
you could pick up this 18 hours and when you pick   up that 18 hours i want you to apply it to the 
seven things i'm going to tell you about right now   by the end of this video you're going to have 
the potential to make a lot of money online   so stay tuned if you haven't subscribed already 
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for it all right so let's jump right in here   uh and i want to tell you about the first one and 
the first one number one is drop shipping drop   shipping essentially is selling a product that you 
don't own now that may sound illegal it's not it's   totally legal all you have to do is find products 
out there and you can do this through aliexpress   um you could do it through all kinds of different 
uh avenues i'm not going to get into all that on   this video but bottom line is somebody else has a 
product they want to sell you advertise or market   that product you send them the customer and you 
get paid a commission on it and they ship out   the product for you now this is a cool business 
because you could do it from anywhere in the world   you can set up a drop shipping business and 
you can travel the world literally i've done it   i was taking six to seven trips a year uh 
before the illness struck and i'll probably   get back to that but the cool thing is i not 
only dropship products for people because we   have a warehouse and a shipping department and 
all that but i also will market other products   and they're drop shipped for me so drop shipping 
is a great thing if you think this is a fad thing   or there's no way to make money at it let me let 
me come here let me share with you who some of   the top drop shippers are in the country see 
if you've ever heard of them amazon home depot   walmart the matter of fact my products get sold 
at walmart and i drop ship those products for them   so drop shipping has been around for years and 
years and years there are some scams out there   but there's also some legitimate ways to do 
it on my channel you'll find a lot of videos   on drop shipping i do recommend that you look 
on the channel search drop shipping and i'll   show you how to do it the next one i love love 
love it's print on demand that's number two   print on demand now what print on demand is you 
sell a product maybe it's a t-shirt maybe it's   a mug maybe it's a shower curtain whatever it is 
and you personalize it or you print it with your   logo or you print it with some saying on it but 
you don't actually print it print on demand and i   have several videos on this channel on print on 
demand and you can find the recommendations of   the best print on demand companies but basically 
once you sell a product you send the order to this   print on demand company and they print up your mug 
or they print up your t-shirt and they ship it out   to the end user all you do is market it to them so 
you don't have to worry about packaging you don't   have to worry about inventory you don't even have 
to invest your money in the product until you've   already sold it and already gotten paid that's 
a pretty cool way to make some money and that's   certainly something you can do part-time number 
three you could be a freelancer yeah freelancer   is pretty good you can go to something like upwork 
or freelancer.com there's tons of them out there   and you can offer your services maybe you make 
websites maybe you're good at graphic design   maybe you're good at sales whatever it is that 
you want to do there's probably somebody on one of   these sites that want to hire you and you can work 
as much or as little as you want i have full-time   employees i have part-time employees and they all 
do various different tasks for me i have people in   india people in mexico i have people in pakistan 
i have people in the philippines so we have people   all around the world that are doing jobs for us 
and i don't need them to come to the office it's   not necessary as a matter of fact i rarely go to 
the office it's not necessary this is my office   right here and this it can travel anywhere with 
me and that's the cool thing about selling online   number four start a pet business now when 
i say pet business that encompasses a lot   of different things it could be a pet babysitting 
service where you actually go to somebody's house   and babysit their pet form or a pet walking 
service or it could be pet supplies so many people   have pets nowadays and they need so many different 
products from tangible products to services   i know a lady in san diego that we met when 
we first moved to san diego and she had a   pet sitting business where somebody would come 
to your home and feed your pet and do all that   and some of the people would actually live 
at your home while you're gone so that the   pet always has somebody there she had about eight 
or ten people something like that doing that for   her and she was making a good living when we left 
san diego eight years later she had over 80 people   working for her 80 people she didn't do any pet 
sitting herself she just hired pet sitters and   sent them out to different homes and she kept 
a percentage of the profits basically what they   did is they charged what they charged and then she 
charged a percentage of that and took care of all   the collections of the money and distribution 
and all that and she did it from her home she   had an office staff by the time i left but she 
did it all from her home that's another thing   you can do pet business is awesome number five 
start a youtube channel hey what do you know   i'm i'm walking my talk aren't i i'm walking the 
talk right now because i have a youtube channel   youtube channels are awesome you know youtube i 
really can't say enough good things about them   they they provide you a platform for free   all you need is a camera all you need is to record 
something and you can upload it to youtube for   free why is this so good well a youtube channel 
can do a number of things for you let's say   that you have a business and you offer accounting 
services maybe you'll want to start a youtube   channel that talks about accounting and things 
you can deduct and things you can't deduct and   you know what what you should do and by doing 
that people find you and maybe they hire you   for the accounting services but maybe you have a 
youtube channel and you're getting a lot of views   you have a lot of subscribers you can actually 
monetize that channel my channel is monetized   and when they run ads on my videos they give me 
a share of the ad revenue i think that's pretty   cool that i get that and you know that ad revenue 
is coming in 24 hours a day seven days a week i   make money on youtube even if i don't make another 
video from this point forward which i will because   i want the money to keep going up but if i didn't 
i would still have that income off all those past   videos i've done and i've done over a thousand 
videos right now a thousand videos that's a bunch   and that gives me a thousand opportunities to make 
money because they can run ad on all thousands of   those now as i increase that though whatever my 
money is on a thousand what if i had two thousand   videos or three thousand or four thousand do you 
see what i'm saying here there's a lot of money to   be made now that's not the only way to make money 
on youtube you could have links below your video   that are affiliate links so when people click 
on them you get paid you could have courses or   products below your video in the description where 
people click and buy your products or services   there's so many things you can do on youtube start 
a youtube channel i think everybody should have   a youtube channel i really do matter of fact 
when i when i meet people and they don't have   a youtube channel i'm like why not why don't you 
have a youtube channel i mean even individuals i   think it's a great way to get to know people have 
a youtube channel talk about whatever subject you   want to talk about it could be cooking it could 
be cleaning it could be you know like i talk about   online making money online but pick a subject 
start a youtube channel you need to do that   number six be an affiliate marketer or do 
affiliate marketing you could yeah there's   a couple ways to do this so let me explain to 
you what affiliate marketing is when you send a   customer to a business and that customer buys from 
the business you earn a commission it's really   that simple that's what affiliate marketing is now 
i have a whole lot of different ways of doing this   personally but i am on a site called share a sale 
and i can put a link below for share sale and you   can sign up and share sale and if you send people 
to my website in other words they click your link   because that will identify you and they come to 
my website and they buy something you get a cut   of whatever they bought so that's pretty cool 
a lot of people send business to my website and   they get paid for sending business to my website 
they don't have to package up anything they don't   have to collect any money they don't have to 
do anything but just send people to my website   so that's one end of affiliate marketing on the 
other end of affiliate marketing is what i do   where i have products and i offer them out there 
to affiliates right and they send me business but   i can also do affiliate marketing where i send 
people to their business now i have a list of   survivalists people who buy survival food i have 
a list of people who want to make money online   and i can market other people's products to those 
lists so that's another way i can make money with   affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is really 
pretty awesome i also do it through amazon if you   notice in this video below in the description 
you're going to find a bunch of links to amazon   and all those links are my affiliate link so if 
you go to amazon you buy something within 24 hours   i get paid that's a pretty cool thing to 
be able to do my last one number seven   run ads run ads this is really pretty cool if you 
learn how to run any ads on facebook or youtube   or you know any type of search engine ads people 
need you they really do need you especially small   businesses maybe it's restaurants maybe it's hair 
salons maybe it's nail salons all these businesses   need more business they don't have the time energy 
effort to go out there and run ads on facebook but   if you've learned this if you learn how to run 
ads on facebook or youtube or any of these other   platforms you can approach these businesses 
and here's the best way to do this say hey   i'll run an ad for you for you know two or three 
days and we'll check out the results if you like   what the results are i'll go ahead and charge you 
and i'll run these ads for you all the time they   can't lose that way you don't have anything really 
invested but your time i know a lot of people will   charge 1500 bucks 5 000 bucks 10 000 bucks a month 
for one client just to run the ads and manage   those ads for them now imagine you're charging 
five thousand dollars a month and you have 10   clients that's 50 000 a month that's pretty good 
and the way it generally works is you charge a fee   plus a percentage of their ad spend so that 
way the more they spend the more money you   make but you also have your base fee so that's 
another great way to make money online and yeah   you could do this 18 hours a month but here's the 
truth about this title of 18 hours a month if you   start doing stuff on the side for 18 hours a month 
and all of a sudden you're making more money than   you're making working 40 hours a week on a job 
you know what you might do you might work more   than 18 hours a month you may work 20 or 30 or 40 
and you may quit your job and that's my goal is to   get you to quit your job and work for yourself you 
don't need an employer anymore it's not necessary   most most people nowadays have the skills and the 
talent to make money online they just don't know   it so maybe maybe this video will wake you up and 
you'll realize you do have the skills and talent   and you need to go try it because you know 
what you're going to be pretty happy i did it   right i was working the job for many many years 
and one day i said you know i don't like my boss   i don't like what i'm doing maybe i'll try to sell 
stuff online and within the first 24 months and   i have a video on this channel about that i made 
over a million dollars within the first 24 months   now the first few months i didn't the first year 
i didn't do that well but once i figured it out   once i learned all the little things that work 
online and that's the cool thing about working   online this is the thing that gets me excited once 
you learn how to sell stuff online it doesn't even   matter what the product or service is anymore 
you just know how to sell stuff online and when   you've developed that talent when you've developed 
that talent you're free for the rest of your life   you can do whatever you want work where you 
want live where you want wear what you want   drive what you want and eat what you want that's 
true freedom thanks so much for watching this   video guys i really appreciate it do me a favor if 
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