✅✅✅Power Lead System Training 2021 – Step 7 Lead Lightning

well look at you just flying
through this training! welcome back! Carin Petty here, your Go-to Gal for everything Power
Lead System and welcome back to the Power Lead System Training for Beginners
Series! we are heading into step 7 now in the last step I showed you guys
how to assign your domain to a pls funnel two different ways the first way
the super simple way second way another simple way but it was my way and in this
video we are going to show you how to create your very own lead lightening
system if you don't know what it is stay tuned I'm gonna explain it to you really
powerful for building your list and commissions the "tame time" at the same time "tame time! at the tame time!" (i messed up) every video I make there's always
something stupid coming out of my mouth okay I will see you in a minute
I hope okay alright welcome back it is lead lightening time you guys so if you
guys have not seen or heard of lead lightning before this is like a very
meaning meaning mini mini mini version of the power lead system okay and it
sells like hotcakes why because dirt cheap it is a one-time
payment and it's going to pay you six dollar Commission's every single time
somebody buys it from you now some of you out there maybe the after you've
seen the compensation plan for power lead system you're like almost 6 bucks
isn't much but remember in the beginning I told you about learning how to use
programs like this power or powerfully um properly in order to power up your
residual income side with your big business it's things like this now I'm
gonna be straight up when you guys are doing like these little one-time
Commission programs you're never gonna reach the freedom
that you're looking for okay I'm just gonna be honest .I stuck with that for
three years because nobody taught me better here's the secret and it's not a
secret well it's not with me because I tell you guys how to do because I want
to see you be successful what you do is you use those little low one-time
Commission programs and lead lightening stuff like that to build up an income
and you take that income from the earnings from these smaller programs and
you buy the crap out of traffic for your main residual income building business
so that this way you can do some heavy-duty paid advertising for
your main business and not have it come out of your pocket now I'm telling you
right now if you do have the money to start getting into paid advertising
we're gonna get into that in another video then absolutely go for it don't
wait for these to build up but for your average everyday Joe who really may be
broke this is the perfect way to start
building some income to pour into paid advertising for your power lead system
and as you saw in the compensation plan if you didn't I'll link it down in the
description that is a huge residual income okay so in just a moment I'm
going to teach you how to build one of these I'm going to explain lead
lightning to you and show you real quick what your people are going to get and it
is still built kind of like power lead system so in pls remember in the second
video I had you guys if you had an outside business that you wanted to draw
some traffic to through pls as well to put your referral link in there to an
outside business well that is actually going to be connected when you create
your lead lightning that would be connected here automatically so people
will be able to click there to see any other income streams that you're
recommending hugely powerful number two every single time somebody purchases
lead lightning obviously they are going to be listed in your contact manager
they're gonna be receiving follow-up messages that will be promoting power
lead system it'll be promoting some of those emails promote your outside offer
without mentioning power lead system very powerful again so it's good you
guys heard of god I don't know how people do this we get people in the
power lead system group from lead lightning that join and they I don't
love you guys but how can you miss this how do I get started so they get into
the power lead system I just joined lead lightning I don't know what to do how do
I get started I'm not quite sure it's because people are always in a rush you
know what I mean in order for them to get to the group to join it they have to
click how do I get started that's the only way they get linked to the group I
think it is so funny so it's all about taking your time and paying attention to
the smaller or even pay details that we have so again just like
power lead system when they click this they're gonna get an entire overview of
how this all works their back-office everything all the information they need
to know is here they just need to press play see this is the only way for them
to get into the group now only lead lightning members and pls members can
get inside the power lead system group but here's why this is super powerful as
well this is why they let lead lightning members in is because there's a lot of
posting going on from all of us who have built up pls when we make the big
Commission's when people make the big Commission's stuff like that they're
getting leads they're their power lead system is going crazy they post it in
the group and so when your leads all right see that kind of action it makes
it go well maybe you know maybe maybe I should upgrade you know what I mean so
it's a great way to get them into the power lead system as a gold member for
residual income on your team okay so just like pls they're gonna be getting
referral links we are gonna be talking about the free lead system in the next
video so don't even worry about that right now
but the free lead system is actually when I started using it the first three
years I was online kind of struggled okay when I started using free lead
system everything changed for my list we're gonna talk about that that in the
next video okay but right here again when they scroll down supercharged my
system what happens when they click that it leads them to the power lead system
sales page that explains the compensation plan not as well as I do
but explains the comp plan it explains what power lead system is and remember
all these beautiful things I had you set this one up already they're gonna see
everything and right from here they can start their free trial with you okay so
they just do a couple check marks boom they're with you in the power lead
system that's why the lead lightning is so powerful okay it gives so much value
they get access to training to the group everything else so now what I'm gonna do
is I'm gonna get logged out cuz the the login page for all these systems are all
the same page don't ask me why I'm gonna talk to Neil though and see if we can
kind of update the look of it cuz it's pretty blind Ally so let me go into my
back off power lead system and again because I
want you to be able to have this at your fingertips should you want to edit it or
anything we're gonna set this up exactly like we did with your pls my way so that
you can find it under websites and my pet webpages when you're finished okay
so for right now let's cook this up hover over websites hover over copy
webpages next make sure this is on become a prospect for whatever I want
we're gonna scroll down to the lead lightning capture pages you won't have
to scroll as long as I do because I got a lot of junk in here that I really need
to get rid of but I don't want to because then sometimes I do that and
then I'm like I should say that then I didn't but I'm just babbling there there
we go no we're not we're not there gotta babble again oh no still not there there
we go where's lead lighting tunnel you don't
have to listen to me babble anymore and i snort it again it was so nice alright
so just like with any of the capture pages if you want to preview them click
on them okay and this one I'll be honest with you I would not choose this one and
the reason why is because it has been seen a billion times since this has come
out okay I will recommend one to you but again like this is a good one okay this
is a great one that converts really really well okay you can use that this
one's good this is Jeff Mills he is the creator of social profit Academy which
I'm going to talk to you about in a little while but it's a short video of
him talking about it but this is what I love about this I love how it says
discover how a new seven dollar funnel can leverage into five hundred and
twenty six dollars per lead so they're basically talking about they're gonna
you know buy lead lightning and then it up cells into pls if they choose they
want to move forward so this one's a really good capture page let's choose
that for this example so I'm gonna click copy this page now you guys very
important make sure you're under the lead lightning lead capture pages not
five pass okay because you're gonna see Lee Lightning Lee lightning lead
lightning these are sales pages so you don't want that we want your capture
page scroll to the bottom you're gonna get the hang of doing this so fast by
doing it with me over and over again again right here name it what you want
only you see this but it is what shows in your under my website so you know
what page that is so lead I'm just gonna do it in caps to lead lightning for
beginners I'm just naming it that so I know exactly what this pages but you can
just name it Lee Lightning you know I just hit the microphone okay I'm free
access below again this area is what shows in the tab preview oh there we go
I hate that animated gets on my nerves now what we're gonna do is you already
have if you did it the way I showed you you already have power lead system
connected to your main domain so we're going to actually create a sub domain
directly from here for your lead lightning so I'm gonna choose my
training domain name make sure you put a checkmark here I want to use a new
address with my existing domain that's a subdomain name it whatever you want you
can name it lead lightning lead gen leads I'm just not calves I'm just gonna
go leads and then I'm gonna put beginners just so I know this is a bogus
a bogus one and it's for training but name it whatever you want
never put WWF runt of a subdomain ever ever ever it won't work okay next we
want to assign what follow-up series is going out to them you want to choose the
lead lightning remember this is I believe the capture page that we chose
had name an email now there's a couple different lead lightning follow-up
campaigns let me show you what I'm talking about lead lightning so right
here it says lead lightning opt-ins okay which gives you 17 follow-up messages
going out to them that promotes lead lightning and remember if you have an
outside business and you put that URL some of the emails will drive them to
your outside business so that's what you want select that if you just want lead
lightning only they're gonna receive nine follow-up message
that's fine and right here this is really important because if you happen
to choose one of the capture pages that only asked for an email this is the one
that you want to use remember I talked to you in the last video you don't want
it to say hey subscriber hi subscriber hey subscriber boy no I don't it doesn't
sound good okay but we have named an email so just for this I'm gonna select
that okay leave these unchecked then we're going
to assign it to a lead lightning sales page we're almost on you guys so click
on a page in your website drop down menu go down to the elves but make sure
you're sending them to a sales page and not the capture page people have done
that L Szell Szell Szell one active go lead lightning lead lightning lightning
I'm going too fast and I'm blind okay capture page capture page sales
page now there's only two real sales pages so you can check them both out
just click on it click view page and then you can see what this page looks
like and if you want to use that one then leave it be if you want to check
out the other one just scroll down one click sales page to view page I turn
this fan off above me it's making my eyes water and then this is another
video explaining lead lightning and of course everything that they can do with
it okay so it's basically personal preference just make sure it's sales
page and not a capture page okay once you're done with that Save Changes
we're almost done you guys um again you can change the picture if you want I'm
just gonna leave it for now for times sake so I'm just gonna yeah I'm just
gonna leave it why not I'm gonna click on just click on keep edit text I
wouldn't edit the header but you can I think it's a great title but you can if
you want to edit it that's where you do it but just scroll down click Save
Changes and voila you now have a lead lightening system to promote to earn
those additional commissions to use for pay
advertising for your power lead system and it's gonna help you build a list and
it's gonna help you drive more traffic to the power lead system as well you see
why this is hugely powerful it's freaking awesome
so click here to view your webpage okay just to make sure so you can see it's
set up now I've already made one for a previous video so if I fill this out
then it's just gonna tell me to go back so I'm just gonna click skip survey but
go ahead and put in a name put in a bogus email address at AAA com to take
you to the bot check then you'll botch check it and then it should lead to
whatever sales page you chose and then when they click on that boom guess what
they're gonna click on buy now and as soon as they click on buy now it's a
one-time $7 their information they're gonna be taken to their lead lightning
their information will be emailed to them and there you go voila super simple
super powerful and I know this was a bit of a longer video but I really wanted to
show you the value of creating one of these and again this is optional II you
don't have to promote it but it is such a good way to start building site income
for paid advertising for power lead system in the next video I am gonna show
you free lead system um oh my gosh I can't wait for you guys to see this if
you have not seen this before I cannot get over how much the power lead system
gives to gold members for you to use it is so powerful I guess that's why they
call it power lead system duh alright you guys heading out see you on
the next video ciao you

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